Property Managment

We are Property Consultants, Property Dealers, Property Caretaker, Residential Caretaker and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. A Property Manager overseeing Commercial Real Estate might be in charge of diverse areas, like Landscaping and Building Maintenance. Residential Property Caretakers can have numerous tasks, such as collecting rent, enforcing community living standards, and addressing tenant complaints, Property Tax, Agreements, Police Verification, Inspection of properties etc. If you are facing such types of problem regarding your properties, call to United Realtors. We are having properties all around city of Pune and PCMC area and our system is become successful. [A well Organized Reliable Management Firm (Property Management Firm)].

Caretaking - Property Managment

  Sole Selling

A sales projection is the amount of revenue a company expects to earn at some point in the future. It's a prediction that is synonymous with a sales forecast. Both help determine the health of a company and whether sales will trend upward or downward. Small companies use various input to determine sales projections.

Care Taking


After years of being involved in Real Estate, we are able to determine what Buyers & Sellers really want, but don't often get from their agent. Clients want the following values: Service, Feedback, Honesty and Results. Selecting the right agent can be a stressful and confusing decision to make. The right agent will possess these important values because they will always work for you, the Client. At Buy-Sell-Rent we can offer you Experience, Competitive Fees, Clear and Concise Representation of your Property through our Professional Marketing and use of our Extensive Database of Buyer / Seller requests. If you would like an agent to represent you, call United Realtors. We will help you to Buy-Sell-Rent your property with Professional Excellence.

Sole Selling, Project Sales


A special permission to do something on, or with, somebody else's property which, were it not for the license, could be legally prevented or give rise to legal action in tort or trespass.

Structuring & Restructuring Of Entire Project

  • Location Feasibility - An analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine if it
    1. Is Technically Feasible,
    2. Is Feasible within the Estimated Cost, and